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Block by Block

Building a more inclusive city through storytelling, one neighbourhood at a time.

Block by Block is an ongoing conversation– about lived experiences, marginalization, resilience and the future. What would a truly inclusive city on traditional territories that are governed by treaties look like? What can we learn from the stories of this place that has been home to diverse Indigenous peoples and nations for generations? How can the experiences of Toronto residents, both present and past, Indigenous and immigrant, guide future city-building? How do we want our current neighbourhoods to grow and change?

Our city-wide team of young, diverse leaders have worked with community members in their neighbourhoods to bring you these stories. Dive in and see Toronto from their many perspectives.

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Poster Exhibition

Our 2020 poster exhibitions explore what feels like home and celebrate community care and leadership.

Find the exhibitions in real life from November 12-30 2020, at sites across the city.

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Use your imagination to colour in these pages!
This illustrated poster series reflects on neighbourhood traditions, community gatherings, and forms of community care in Agincourt, Regent Park, Parkdale and Victoria Park. Each image is based on experiences that community members have shared with us. Illustrated by Ulama Saif.

Featured Stories

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Arriving & Settling

What is it like to settle in Toronto? How do new residents seek support, find employment and build community?

Supporting Each Other

What kinds of organizations and institutions have Toronto residents built to support each other? How have we helped each other in ways both big and small?

Place & Identity

Where do we call home and how does that shape us? How are Toronto’s changing neighbourhoods affecting different communities?

Resistance & Resilience

How have Toronto residents resisted and adapted in the face of challenges, discrimination and change?

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Toronto’s rapid development is altering the social fabric of its neighbourhoods. From the razing of low-rise malls in Scarborough, to the redevelopment of Regent Park, to rising rental costs in Parkdale, neighbourhoods that have been landing points for immigrants are in intense flux. This rapid change particularly impacts first-generation newcomers, who rely on local networks, services and economies when putting down roots. From 2019-2021 Block by Block is focused on four Toronto neighbourhoods that are in the midst of redevelopment. They are: Agincourt, Victoria Park, Parkdale and Regent Park. In each neighbourhood we start locally. We hire teams of young people with community connections to learn from the lived experiences of local residents. Each team is supported by at least one neighbourhood-based partner organization. These local collaborations culminate each year with Block Parties—events that share and celebrate community stories and connections.
Graphic map of Block by Block neighbourhoods

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