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When launched in 2015 the Toronto Ward Museum was Toronto’s first museum of migration. It re-imagined the future and rejected physical buildings and collections.   The Museum’s key to success has been programs and exhibits that are produced in collaboration with community organizations, settlement, arts and governmental agencies, and local universities and it is this co-collaboration that ensures the active involvement of newcomers in ways that foster their collective empowerment. 

Through the Toronto Ward Museum InConversation Podcast series, you will hear interviews with some of the Toronto Ward Museum’s past and current staff and volunteer activists and get an insider look at their work and contributions,  hear how the Museum was founded, where the museum got its name from, and how the Toronto Ward Museum works with migrant communities to enrich the lives of all residents across the GTA! You can even get to know some of our interviewees’ favourite foods and cuisines they would recommend anyone to try.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Toronto Ward Museum, Toronto's first Museum of Migration and Museum Without Walls.

Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast series called Toronto Ward Museum InConversation! In this episode, former President of the Toronto Ward Museum, Donna Gabaccia will be speaking about her time with the Museum and will provide some insider information about some of the TWM’s programs and community initiatives. Questions such as the importance of the museum in a diverse city such as Toronto and the importance of focusing on migrant narratives and histories will be explored! You will be in for a real treat as you will get to learn more about the TWM and learn more about the TWM’s great work in communities across the GTA (Song: Cali By: Wataboi)

Episode 2: Tales from the Museum's Founders - How the Toronto Ward Museum went from Concept to Reality

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast series called Toronto Ward Museum InConversation! In this episode, we will be following the theme of “going back in time” where we will get to uncover more about why and how the TWM was founded! We will be hearing from one of the founding members of the Museum, Simon Vickers, and look into questions such as what the process of creating a new museum is and how the TWM can serve as a role model for other museums for museums of immigration history! If you are interested in starting your own museum, try giving this podcast a shot, you never know what you can learn!

Image Credit: University of Toronto

Episode 3: How has "Dishing up Toronto" brought food, migration and museum stories together since 2016 and even during Toronto's 2nd Covid Pandemic Lockdown.

caterToronto owner and Regent Park community leader Vanessa Ling Yu will be exploring the topic of food and one of the Toronto Ward Museum’s programs, Dishing Up Toronto! You can expect to hear from Vanessa on the importance of highlighting migrant food purveyors in and around the GTA and how food is also used as a tool to bring people and places together. Caution: It is recommended to eat something while listening to this podcast, you will be hungry from listening to this podcast if you don’t! 


Episode 4: A behind the scene look at what is needed to deliver Block by Block, a multi-year program in collaboration with over 10 community partners.

Block by Block is a participatory, multimedia project. Led by youth, Block by Block seeks to engage the public in a dialogue around the impact local communities have in the lives of newcomers. Through this exchange of personal stories, reflections, testimonies and resources we hope to create a better understanding of the role neighbourhoods play in fostering a more inclusive society.


About the Host

Kassandra Mann is the host and creator of the Toronto Ward Museum InConversation podcast series. Kassandra is an undergraduate history student and interested in museum studies and public history. Kassandra worked with various members from the Toronto Ward Museum to develop and produce the podcast episodes, in which fun and interesting topics had been explored. Kassandra hopes that this series will help to educate others more on what the Toronto Ward Museum is and the wonderful programs and opportunities the museum provides in Toronto and across the GTA.