NIRA Elgueta

ORAL HISTORY: Fateha Hossain INTERPRETIVE TEAM: Leore Zecharia, Simon Termine, Karley Staskus.

Finding Her Community

Nira was born in Valparaiso, Chile, in the 1970s. After immigrating to Toronto, Nira struggled in Etobicoke as she found it difficult to connect to those around her in an unfamiliar area. After her divorce, Nira moved to Little Portugal and began volunteering at various organizations, one being The Redwood shelter, where she has been a board member for 10 years. Volunteering provided her with valuable connections to her community, and she soon started researching for a newcomer association with the Latin American community. Now, Nira organizes developmental programs and provides services to women in her role as Community Engagement Coordinator at the Working Women Community Centre. Nira received support from the Centre when she first immigrated, and now uses her own experiences to provide services for other newcomer women.

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