Frederick Loft

Fifteen Minutes

Review the details of your Case Study’s life together. Did the class find anything surprising? Did they make any assumptions that were later challenged? Is there anything specific about their Case Study that they want to know?

  • Frederick Loft/Onondeyoh was a Mohawk nation activist, journalist, solider, and eventually, Chief
  • Born at the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve near Brantford, where he attended the Mohawk Institute Residential School
  • He worked as a reporter for the Brantford Expositor
  • He fought for the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WWI, and argued for recruitment among Indigenous peoples
  • Frederick founded the League of Indians in 1919, which was the first Indigenous political organization in Canada. It was a forerunner to today’s Assembly of First Nations
  • He was a vocal critic of the Department of Indian Affairs and the residential school system
  • Frederick died in Toronto in 1934