In the spring of 2016, Hart House at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with the Centre for International Experience, launched an initiative to learn more about international student perspectives on civic participation. Students were asked a series of questions about how they participate in and what they think about civic engagement. A few of those stories are gathered for you here to reflect on, share, and to join the conversation. We would love to hear your thoughts on what civic participation means to you. If you are someone new to Canada, what has your experience been?  How do you approach civic participation? What kinds of activities have you taken part in for your communities? Share your reflections via social media using the following hashtag: #StillCantVote

Lydia Li
Tyra Yah
Tamanna Karim
Join the conversation by using the hashtag #StillCantVote

“Our society is only as good as the people and the views that shape the society, so increasing the critical consciousness of Canadians and inspiring them to act with all the resources at their disposal is a duty I take very seriously. I will continue to do that until I can vote.” 

– Chizoba Imoka