Inspired by the 2021 International Museum Day theme The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine, the Toronto Ward Museum launches a podcast series presenting an insider look at how the Museum founders and programmers rejected the traditional museum and re-imaged the future

TWM Podcast 

The Toronto Ward Museum is pleased to launch the InConversation Podcast Series on May 25th at the Museum’s live virtual exhibition during the Toronto Newcomer Day.  This podcast series reflects the May 18, 2021 International Museum Day theme The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine  and was made possible through our programming partnership with York University/Glendon College and support from Royal Maple Creative and Business/Arts artsvest.  

Donna Gabaccia, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto and academic mentor to podcaster Kassandra Mann invites all to listen to this podcast series to learn about the Museum’s practises of co-creation and innovation in community based museum programming solutions and claims “When launched, in 2015 the Toronto Ward Museum re-imagined the future and launched Toronto’s first museum of migration, a ‘Museum without Walls’ that rejected physical buildings and collections.  The Museum’s key to success has been programs and exhibits that are produced in collaboration with community organisations, settlement, arts and governmental agencies, and local universities.  It is this co-collaboration that ensures the active involvement of newcomers in ways that foster their collective empowerment.” 


Podcaster Mann believes “It is fitting to be able to launch this podcast series as part of the Toronto Ward Museum virtual exhibition booth at the annual City of Toronto Newcomer Day and recognize the contributions immigrants make to the diverse city of Toronto.”  On discussing the format, Mann argues  “podcasts go beyond the traditional mediums for which history has been presented, as they are not simply artifacts or paintings but are a more personal view of history and these narratives and storytelling are crucial to the success and importance of immigration museums of the modern age.”  


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